Twitterpated:Winner of Pre-Nup Giveaway Contest by Ideation Studios

May 4, 2014, Sunday, I was browsing my Facebook feeds when I stumbled upon a photo shared by a former workmate, Ms. Dace Moris. It was a contest for a free Prenup photo shoot courtesy of Ideation Studios. I met Dace and her boyfriend during our company outing last 2013. My initial reaction when I saw the picture she shared on Facebook was...Learn More

Cravings and Foodgasm:Fork and Bottle

Sundates with my High School Best Friends is love. My two guy Best Friends and I were too early for one of our friend’s wedding so we decided to take a detour. Boys are boys, and yes they wanted to have some cold beer on a hot Sunday so we went to the nearest Restaurant that serves beer. That was my first Fork and Bottle...Learn More

Twitterpated:Chito MirandaXNeri Naig=Proposal

Just in! OMG, I’m so kilig right now! I’ve been a fan of PNE since like forever. So it’s their front man’s moment now. Chito Miranda channeling George Clooney? Hahaha :)) Kidding aside, despite the scandal, here they are, fighting for their love and now, they will take it to the next step, the promise of...Learn More


I would like to thank those people who continually support my business since day one. To my dear shoppers, friends, relatives and colleagues, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! For those who don’t know, I am the person behind Juyable, a pocket friendly one stop online shop for your everyday fashion essentials that offers a...Learn More

Two Cents:M.O.M.M.Y (My Own Motherhood Memoirs, Yay!)

I’m often mistaken by other people as single, and by single I mean not yet a mother. Their most common initial reaction every time they find out the truth: “May anak ka na? Hindi nga? Hindi kasi halata.” The truth is, I’m petite and too young to be a mom, so I can’t blame most of them.  I had my first...Learn More

Cravings and Foodgasm:Recovery Food

Eating is one of the many ways to de-stress. April 9, 2014, Wednesday, it was The Day of Valor, holiday. My office mates and I decided to have a sumptuous breakfast after a stressful day at work. My foodie office mate, Marie, suggested we try Recovery Food at BGC.  On our way to BGC, I was having second thoughts since it was a...Learn More

Featured:Juyable Online Shop

On a tight budget but still want to look classy?Here is the perfect on-line shop for you! Juyable is your pocket friendly, one stop online shop for your everyday fashion essential. The company was created by an online shop-aholic who saw the emerging need of a budget-friendly online source of modern day Filipinos’ various fashion...Learn More