Cravings and Foodgasm:Fork and Bottle

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Sundates with my High School Best Friends is love. My two guy Best Friends and I were too early for one of our friend's wedding so we decided to take a detour. Boys are boys, and yes they wanted to have some cold beer on a hot Sunday so we went to the nearest Restaurant that serves beer. That was my first Fork and Bottle experience.

We ended up at a new, unfamiliar and unique Kitchen and Bar Restaurant located at 4217 2nd Floor Mhikhai Building, Maraouy, Lipa City, just in front of Lipa Floral Garden (Cemetery). As you enter the building, you will pass by an Antique Shop located at the ground floor. As you climb the stairs, you can see their beautiful wall embellished with different portraits of random people and empty frames. 

The place is nicely decorated with colorful random display. I noticed that most of their furniture are made of wood and some scrap materials. They used different and random chairs per table. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture inside the dining area for we opted to take our seats at the veranda.

Since it's located in front of a cemetery, expect an odd view of tomb stones with flowers and candles. Good thing the place is cozy and uniquely decorated. We just noticed that they have few customers, I assume because of the location. 

The waiters were nice and attentive. My Best Friends ordered beer while I had Mango Shake. We also tried their Chilli Cheese Fries. So we were catching up for almost 10 minutes and we were expecting that they will serve the beer first since it doesn't require preparation. I needed to catch the waiter's attention and asked him to serve the beer while waiting for the remaining orders. 

After waiting for 5 more minutes, they served the Chilli Cheese Fries and Mango Shake. The Chilli Cheese Fries were not chilli at all, good thing their Mango Shake was heaven! 

My second visit to this place was with my girl High School Best Friend. She was running late so I had an ample time to further check their menu. I was surprised that they are kinda pricey. I assumed that we might order baked macaroni since it's my Best Friends favorite so we did and of course, with additional mango shake. 

As always, their Mango Shake was heaven but I was quite disappointed with their baked macaroni. The macaroni was not al dente and the sauce was almost tasteless. I could not even distinguish if the sauce was tomato based. I'm very particular when it comes to sauce.

My 3rd visit was with my High School girl friends, the "BRUsters". I suggested to have our reunion here since I know the place is not crowded and spacious, perfect for our little kids so they can play freely.

We ordered random food from the menu, my bad I wasn't able to remember most of them. It mostly consist of pasta, fries, sandwiches and red juice.

As you can see, most of the food were not captured since I was busy catching upwith my best friends. I will on my 4th visit I promise.

Over all, my Fork and Bottle experience is 7 out of 10. The place was nice but I was quite disappointed of their food and its price but I still recommend this place for those who want to escape the busy and noisy restaurants in Lipa. This restaurant is perfect for those who prefer cozy and calming ambiance, very suitable for students who prefer studying at cafés. Obviously I love to spend time with my Best Friends here since the place is spacious, calming and nice.

Go, experience Fork and Bottle and don't forget to share me your two cents with me. XO

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