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Can you believe it was my first time to visit the Century City Mall despite the fact that I live just a few blocks away? I'm so busy recently I don't have time to go to the mall. Anyway, my partner and I decided to check the mall, hoping that Fully Booked was already open (and it wasn't). After checking other stores, we got tired and hungry. I was hoping to eat at iHop on the 1st floor, but since we're already on the 4th floor, we decided to dine in at CaliBurger.

The place is pretty nice and cozy, I so love its ambiance. It was huge and spacious. They even have a veranda outside but we opted to stay inside since it was afternoon. What I really love about their place was the huge TV Screen with good quality surround system. When we got there, they were playing a movie and guess what. Yes, it was Serendipity, very timely because it was our anniversary day. I was really feeling giddy. 

While I was busy watching the movie, my partner ordered our food. So here is the menu:

We ordered Beef Burger Meal A and Chicken Cheeseburger Meal B. The price is costly, so I was really expecting a lot from this over-hyped fast-food restaurant. Their service is quite fast I must say. 

I was a little disappointed when I saw the burgers. I thought they were big with thick patties and lots of stuffing. Good thing, the beef patty was perfectly cooked. You can taste its richness and juiciness. Meanwhile, the chicken patty was too boring and tasteless. It was too plain and dull that I have to put a lot of ketchup just to taste something. I preferred the beef burger than the chicken burger. 

I'm still dismayed, good thing their fries was a savior. It wasn't too oily and still tastes good, even when it gets cold. I think the fries was not deep fried or was grilled, not sure. We stayed there for almost an hour and a half because I was too busy watching Serendipity.

I will give CaliBurger a 6/10 rating. If you're a burger fanatic, I don't suggest you eat here because you'll be disappointed. I really had a good time staying and watching a movie at the place because of its cozy ambiance, but the food is so plain and expensive. I was expecting a lot more from them. There was no "craving" factor. Overall, my experience was not bad at all. If you wish to try their food, visit them on the Fourth Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City.

Tell me your CaliBurger experience.

Credit to Zomato for the menu.

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