As of Late: October 2016

12:53:00 AM

This is an inspiration from my favorite Indie-Folk OPM singer, Reese Lansangan's blog entry with the same title.

Yes, I have been procrastinating so much lately and binge watching Koreanovelas that I abandoned my blog. HAHAHA.

Anyway,here's a quick update of my life, enjoy!

MAKING: a candidate's profile for Google 
READING: my work email
WANTING: more Starbucks City tumbler
LOOKING: for the email confirmation from DFA
PLAYING: Candy Crush Soda
WASTING: time and money as usual HAHAHA
WISHING: my son is here
ENJOYING: my new work schedule, mid-shift
WAITING: for new Ukulele I ordered from Lazada
LIKING: the new arrangement of my bed in our condo unit
WONDERING: if my son can still have his passport processed even without DFA's email confirmation
LOVING: the cuddle and bed weather
HOPING: typhoon Lawin won't take away any soul
MARVELLING: at Reese Lansangan's work
NEEDING: a massage
SMELLING: myself
WEARING: my H&M longsleeves, Forever 21 leggings and Havaianas
NOTICING: my eyebags
KNOWING: that I need to work and procrastinate less. HAHAHA
THINKING: of our Cambodia and Thailand tour
COVETING: a new pair of ballet flats
OPENING: pringles
WATCHING: the view from the 24th floor here at the office

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