Audiophile:Soldiers of Love(Birthday Special for Reggie and Paul)

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It's been ages since my partner and I last attended a gig at Saguijo. This time, we decided to go since my favorite Indie-Folk OPM singer, Reese Lansangan is playing. I loved her from the moment I heard her sang live during December Avenue Album Launch.

The event last September 16, Friday, was sponsored by Move Forward Productions. The event also celebrates the Natal day of Reggie and Paul (I assume they are from Move Forward Productions).

Here are the performers and some snap shots by my partner:

First band was Banna Harbera. They performed "Sorrys and Goodbyes" and some of their original compositions.

Next band was Run Dorothy.

Peryodiko also performed and boy it was magical. It was my first time to hear "Tayo lang ang may alam" live.

Next was Drei Paliza. According to her, she was in a hiatus and it's her first gig after a long time. She performed an original song called "Kung ayaw na" and some covers.

Mayonnaise also performed and the crowd went wild. They performed some of their hit songs like "Jopay" and "Tayo na lang Dalawa"

Next was I Belong to the Zoo, a solo folk project of Tonight We Sleep’s Argee Guerrero. I believe this will be his last gig for the year since he will in the US soon.

Last but not the least is Reese Lansangan. Before she performed, she had a Q&A contest. The winner will receive an autographed picture of her. Guess who won? Hahaha, yes it's me. The question was: "Who is the director of Reese's music video of Exploration No. 5?" Good thing I know the answer, HAHAHAHA, it's none other than Gelo Yellow

Here is my picture with Reese Lansangan herself and her autographed picture I won that night.

We had so much fun and really enjoyed that night. Thanks Move Forward Productions and Happy Birthday Reggie and Paul!

Photo Credit: Pinoy Secret Files

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