Fictional Friends:Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

4:15:00 AM

Finally, my partner and I were able to watch the award winning Indie film by Nestor Abrogena since we missed it last year. It was just the day itself that I found out that the movie's english title is "The story of us that never was" so behold, this is not your usual love story with happy ending. 

Here is a summary/spoiler so if you intend to watch it, skip this part:
The story is about a complicated relationship between Sam (Nicco Manalo) a talented movie-maker and Isa (Emanuelle Vera) a student struggling to manage her studies and love-life. Slowly, the story reveals all the details about the main characters: Isa has a boyfriend named Frank, Sam is the third party and Sam is a professor and Isa is her student (which is against the school policy). Both are trying to fix the relationship even tho both are aware that it was wrong from the very beginning. In the end, they moved on and went separate ways.

What I love about this movie is it's mysterious plot and twist, how it slowly reveals the facts thus keeping the viewers curious and imaginative by drawing assumptions, filling the unanswered gaps in the plot.

Tho I find some scene a little boring (where Sam accompanied Isa on her way home) where it should have a background music and less dead-air, I realized maybe it's the indirect message of the story. Like the lead character's dilemma, in every relationship, we need to have some quiet time, listen to the silence, reflect, ponder and be patient.

I love how they feature the busy streets of Manila (train ride, traffic, some city architecture). It must have been hard to shoot those scenes at the bust LRT/MRT train where people are curious and crowded. The coloring which gives melo-dramatic color really suits the story which adds impact to the emotions of the characters.

Acting wise, the lead characters were really excellent, both Nicco and Emanuelle. The supporting leads, Luke (Brian Corella) and Karen (Sari Estrada) were also a fun addition to the story, giving the viewers a break from the emotional scenes from the leads. As always, Ramon Bautista never fail to make everyone laugh even on a cameo appearance.

The movie's sound track is also a must-hear, featuring several Filipino musicians and songs by Nicco and Emanuelle. I am currently on LSS mode with the songs and added them already on my play list.

Over-all, I will give this movie an 8/10 rating. I was not in awe nor amazed, but I was impressed. Most of the viewers may not relate to the story but it was an eye opener indeed that love sometimes has a funny way of presenting itself: wrong place, wrong time, wrong person. Love is a matter of choice and in the end, your happiness is in your hands. 

There will be a sequel on 2017 entitled "Tayo, sa Huling Buwan ng Taon". I can't wait to see what will happen to Sam and Isa.

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