Two Cents:No More "itsjudyslife" Daily Vlogs

5:48:00 AM

Yes you read it right, recently, Benji and Judy Travis announced that they will still vlog but not everyday like they used to but instead, they will replace the no-vlog day with a live feed on Facebook/YouTube.

I have been following Judy and her family for less than a year now and it has been part of my daily routine to check their everyday vlogs. As a follower, I totally support and understand the family's decision. It must have been hard for them to balance family life and their youtube activities plus they have 3 little kids to take care of. As a mom, I understand that they came up with a decision that will benefit all especially the girls.

Read some mixed reactions on the comment sections on YouTube and Facebook but over-all, the fans and followers are still supportive of the Travis family. 

Good thing I discovered that Judy's mom has her own YouTube account which features her grandchildren's raw and unedited video clips.

Thank you Judy and Benji for sharing us your everyday lives. Moving forward, I wish the family more precious time and good health so you may continuously inspire, entertain and help other people. Can't wait for Dancember 2016. More power Travis family! 

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