As of Late: February 2017

February went by so quickly, and my partner and I’s February was very hectic. Pinoy Secret Files was chosen as one of UP Fair’s Media Sponsor this year. I will post some pictures soon. Valentine’s day was just another day for me and my partner. Since I was under the weather, we opted to have a Jollibee delivery for...Learn More

Obsession:Starbucks Tumblers

I am a certified Starbucks tumblerista, FYI. My first Starbucks tumbler was a Batangas Icon which I had when I started working graveyard shift way back 2010 and it was for personal use and eventually broke after a couple of years. I had my 2nd tumbler, a United Arab Emirates Icon, as a gift and was also personally used.  I started...Learn More

Joy Meets World:D’ Bone Collector Museum Inc.

As a resident of the Republic of the Philippines, I am surprised at myself for not being able to travel across the country but rather chose to travel outside the country for various reasons. Being able to only travel to a few places around the country, I said to myself, why not give it another shot. So I went on my computer, browse for...Learn More