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As a resident of the Republic of the Philippines, I am surprised at myself for not being able to travel across the country but rather chose to travel outside the country for various reasons.

Being able to only travel to a few places around the country, I said to myself, why not give it another shot. So I went on my computer, browse for cheap flights, look for places that I could add to my bucket list and there's no turning back. Davao it is.

With all the issues happening, my partner and I choose Davao to be added on our bucket list as we all know, it is the home town of our beloved President Duterte. The place tagged as the safest city in the Philippines. Though I am not really sure about it but heck, we'll be safe there. I know.

First in our itinerary is D' Bone Collector Museum IncUpon entering, I immediately thought that this is just another boring museum. But no, it is not just some ordinary museum but it is some place where in you'll get to know about why the owner made this museum in the first place.

The good thing with this museum is they have a guide which provides information about the bones collected and displayed and the stories behind it.

These bones displayed are just some of the collections of Darrell Dean Blatchley. He has been recognized to have the largest collection of assembled skeletons of sea creatures in the Philippines.

Most of the bones collected are from dead sea creatures who suffered from immense pain due to water pollution. They even named the creatures base on their stories of life and death.

After the tour, awareness was installed among us. We live in a country full of natural resources, beautiful islands and one-in-a-thousand sea creatures. But do we treat them the way they should be treated? We often forget that they are animals that needs to be taken care of. Should they be gone, we will just loose the beauty of our country as well as destroy the place we are living.

Should you be heading to Davao, this is a must-go-to place especially for kids. I am glad that our son was learning while enjoying during the visit.

The Museum is open Monday-Friday (10AM-5PM), Saturday 1PM-5PM) and closed during Sundays. Museum Entrance fee is 70 Pesos for Kids and 80 Pesos for Adults.

Contact Number: 0919-624-0744
Address: San Pedro St, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines

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