Audiophile: Rakrakan Festival 2017 (OPM Against Drugs)

7:33:00 PM

This year, I chose to spend my birthday working and having fun as well. Pinoy Secret Files was chosen as one of the Community Partner for this year's Rakrakan Festival together with Rakista Radio.  With 100 bands in 5 different stages, this music event rocked the start of the new year! Having a theme of "OPM against drugs", Rakrakan Festival proved that rockstars are not just rockstars who wants to create and share their music.

When labeling a person as a Rakista, one of the impressions is that they only listen to hard, heavy, growling music and often tagged into drugs. In this event, Rakrakan Festival together with Rakista Radio and the numerous bands who are in line with their support against drug use showed that not all Rakistas are what people think they are.

Having 5 different stages namely: Move, Indie, Mosh, Slam and Groove, each stage caters different music genre.

At first, one would theoretically think that it would be impossible for five stages to be in line with one another without the sounds being jumbled all together. But kudos to the sound and stage engineers for doing a great job in building a 5-stage event that doesn't have scatter noises all over!

Here are the highlights:

Since the event is themed against the use of drugs, guess who is their guest for the night? Of course, it's none other than PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa.

Thank you Rakrakan and Rakista, I definitely enjoyed this year's festival. See you next year!

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