As of Late: May 2017

6:03:00 AM

Phew, we were so busy this month (and the coming months) that I almost forgot to make an entry. Our days were mostly consisted of wedding related preparations and damn, it's really exhausting. Highlight for this month: my partner and I's Anniversary. Instead of dining in a fancy restaurant or traveling, we spent our anniversary attending a bridal/wedding fair. HAHAHA. Memorable day indeed for we bought our wedding rings the day of our anniversary. 

Anyway, here you go, my as of late entry

MAKING: guest list for our wedding
READING: Random wedding preparation artcles
WANTING: ample sleep
LOOKING: for other suppliers
PLAYING: For the Fickle by Reese Lansangan
WASTING: precious time procrastinating
WISHING: for a vacation grande, i need a breather 
ENJOYING: Reese Lansangan's "Of Sound Mind and Memory" EP
WAITING: for some prospective supplier's email response
LIKING: so many perspective supplier it's confusing af
WONDERING: if we will have our wedding supplier's complete by July
LOVING: my flexible work schedule
HOPING: we finish all the wedding preparations soon.
MARVELLING: what style must my wedding gown be
NEEDING: More wedding suppliers
SMELLING: myself
WEARING: my pajammies
NOTICING: that I need to dye my hair black since my black roots are too noticeable already
KNOWING: that I need to rest
THINKING: of ways to juggle all our task
COVETING: more moolah LOL
OPENING: emails
WATCHING: Reese Lansangan's music video
FEELING: tired af

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