As of Late: July 2017

1:34:00 AM

As usual, my partner and I were so busy these past few days in lieu to our wedding preparations. Finally, we are at our 90% and soon to be completed, YAY! Honestly, I don't feel excited at all, more of stress and exhaustion. HAHAHAHA. 

Recap of what happened this month, we had our engagement session photo shoot and all I can say is, I'd rather be a photographer behind the scenes rather than a model posing for good angles and whatnot. It's pretty exhausting man! What more on the wedding day? HAHAHA.

So here you go, my as of late entry:

MAKING: seat plan for the wedding reception
DRINKING: iced tea
READING: emails
WANTING: more sleep
LOOKING: haggard
WASTING: my energy
WISHING: for more moolah for our wedding fund HAHAHAHA
ENJOYING: silence at home
WAITING: for a candidate's response
LIKING: my schedule for next week
WONDERING: if the weather will be sunny on our wedding (Please OH LORD)
LOVING: myself more HAHAHA
MARVELLING: when will I have a regular sleep HAHAHA
NEEDING: more vitamins HAHAHA (hopefully I actually take them)
WEARING: my pajammies from Din
NOTICING: I look like a zombie
KNOWING: I need to relax
THINKING: to resign and look for a dayshift work
COVETING: for more Starbucks Tumbler 
OPENING: more emails
WATCHING: the Running Man
FEELING: hungry

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