As of Late: June 2017

3:21:00 AM

Like last month, my partner and I were busy on wedding preparations and thank God we are almost 70% complete. I don't know if it's because of work and wedding preparation, but I feel extra tired these days and a lot of people are noticing that I significantly lose weight. For the record, I was not on a diet or anything and it bothers me. Highlight of this month, my partner and I purchased our very first "mature" investment. *wink*

Anyway, here you go, my as of late entry

MAKING: guest list for our wedding
DRINKING: orange juice
READING: contract
WANTING: more sleep
LOOKING: stressed
PLAYING: Gracenote's songs
WASTING: time procrastinating again
WISHING: for more moolah for our wedding fund
ENJOYING: silence at the office
WAITING: for my food delivery
LIKING: my black hair
WONDERING: if the weather will be sunny on our wedding
LOVING: our newly purchased investment
HOPING: for more sleep
MARVELLING: if I should resign from work
NEEDING: more vitamins
WEARING: long sleeves shirt from Max Dubai
NOTICING: I need more rest and sleep
KNOWING: I need to slow down
THINKING: to take a long vacation
COVETING: for more wedding related stuff
OPENING: more emails
WATCHING: the sunrise from my window at the office
FEELING: tired

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