Rickson X Juya: Engagement Session

8:03:00 AM

My partner and I's big day is coming soon. In lieu, here are some of the shots of our engagement session.

What is your favorite shot? Mine is the double exposure shot at BGC (us + wall mural). It's album cover worthy right?

Fun fact: I won 2 free prenup give-away photo shoot from 2 awesome wedding photography team (I'm so lucky right?) : 1. Ideation Studio last 2014 and 2. Studio 629 last May 2017, but unfortunately due to unavailabilities of all the parties involved, we opted to hire a new team.

In case your curious, here are our awesome team:

Photography: ShootMe Photo
Concept and Styling: My partner and I
Locations: Wall murals at BGC, Taguig, Palm Tree Villas, Pasay and Makati Avenue, Makati, City

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