As of Late: August 2017

5:37:00 AM

New last name, new home and new chapter of my life with my husband. You guessed it right, we tied the knot this month and I will be sharing some details of our wedding and reviews of our wedding suppliers.

Still busy after the wedding, of course, here comes the honeymoon. We will be traveling to Hong Kong with my family (so I guess it's not really a honeymoon, HAHAHA).

Here you go, my as of late entry:

MAKING: last minute changes in our itinerary
READING: travel blogs related to Hong Kong
WANTING: more time to travel
LOOKING: flawless like my dreams HAHAHA (hello Charlene)
PLAYING: Reese Lansangan's songs
WASTING: my energy
WISHING: for more moolah to buy STARBUCKS TUMBLERS (Hiatus for a couple of months to give way to our wedding fund)
ENJOYING: quality time with my husband
WAITING: for my husband to finish washing dishes HAHAHA
LIKING: my new work email signature with my married name on it
WONDERING: if the weather will be sunny during our Hong Kong trip (please no T10 warning)
LOVING: my husband 
HOPING: to spend more time with my family
MARVELLING: when will my work hours change
NEEDING: more meds, I'm still sick
SMELLING: Tiffany's (our dog beagle) litter
WEARING: my pajammies my husband bought from Divisoria
NOTICING: I look like a zombie
KNOWING: I need to relax and take a rest
THINKING: to resign and look for a dayshift work
COVETING: for more Starbucks Tumblers from Hong Kong 
OPENING: some of our wedding gifts
WATCHING: the Running Man
FEELING: happy

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