As of Late: January 2018

7:52:00 AM

New year, new cover photo! I am very ecstatic to share you the gist of what happened this month. January is my one of my favorite months because it's my birth month. Le husband planned an out of the country vacation with our family to celebrate my birthday and my father-in-law's. Le husband knows I'm a big fan of Hallyu (K-Pop and KShows) so we went to the Land of the Morning Calm, South Korea (Daehan Minguk). I will share some of our snaps soon but for now, here you go:

MAKING: myself productive at work lol

DRINKING: Iced Coffee Vanilla from Mcdonald's

READING: emails

WANTING: for more skin care and make up (South Korea make up haul hang over)

LOOKING: for more Starbucks cards and tumblers

PLAYING: Bolbbalgan4's songs (Le husband's current LSS)

WASTING: my time

WISHING: our flight for Taiwan will be canceled so I can rebook it for free (I got our tickets on sale so rebooking will cost moolah)

ENJOYING: my coffee

WAITING: for my passport appointment

LIKING: my new face powder from innesfree

WONDERING: if I should get a haircut

LOVING: my coffee

HOPING: for more moolah lol

MARVELLING: myself lol

NEEDING: more coffee

SMELLING: my coffee

WEARING: cardigans

NOTICING: I've been sleepy lately

KNOWING: I should save up for our next trip maybe next year

THINKING: of buying a car (just thinking about it, lol)

COVETING: more Starbucks cards and tumblers

OPENING: tons of emails

WATCHING: Secret Garden

FEELING: sleepy

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