As of Late: February 2018

2:37:00 AM

February is indeed a short month but it felt longer (at least for me) this year due to our jam packed schedule. We had to shoot an engagement session for a client, attend Globe Live: Ensamble and Rakrakan Festival. Tho Rakrakan Festival is cool, the highlight of my month is the Globe Ensamble gig for a get to relax and be a fan this time. Anyway, here's my entry for this month.

MAKING: articles for Pinoy Secret Files

DRINKING: Wintermelon Tea from Nestea

READING: Work Emails

WANTING: for more moolah 

LOOKING: for someone who works in DSWD

PLAYING: Ben&Ben songs

WASTING: moolah on my last Starbucks merch purchase this year

WISHING: for a smooth transaction for something private

ENJOYING: the view from my Uber ride

WAITING: for my Uber trip to finish and reach the office

LIKING: the weather

WONDERING: what will be my dinner HAHAHA

LOVING: my new work hours

HOPING: for moi time


NEEDING: more sleep

SMELLING: the car's air freshener

WEARING: my H&M dress from Mama

NOTICING: my dark under-eye 

KNOWING: I need to save up or else HAHAHA

THINKING: to sell my Starbucks merchandise collection, JK!

COVETING: more sSarbucks tumbler

OPENING: emails

WATCHING: Infinite Challenge (H.O.T Reunion special)

FEELING: worried

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