As of Late: March 2018

9:25:00 PM

Nothing much happened this month really. Same old, busy at work and stuff. The highlight perhaps is our Mama Chelle's experience. Here's my entry for this month:

MAKING: offer letters


READING: emails

WANTING: to travel

LOOKING: for perspective client

PLAYING: Reese Lansangan's songs


WISHING: I could spend more time with my son

ENJOYING: the flexibility of my work schedule

WAITING: for my shift to end

LIKING: my hair

WONDERING: if I should have my hair dyed

LOVING: my dress

HOPING: to travel soon


NEEDING: more time to sleep

SMELLING: my tea

WEARING: my dress from Mama

NOTICING: my dark under eyes

KNOWING: I should sleep more

THINKING: to buy more books

COVETING: more Starbucks Tumblers and Cards

OPENING: emails

WATCHING: my officemates eat

FEELING: hungry

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