Audiophile: Ensamble (A Valentine Concert)

5:40:00 AM

February was indeed a busy day for me and Le Husband. It was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple but we kept it simple (everyday is Valentine's Day for us anyway, LOL). We really had a lot on our plate: from a client pre-nup photo shoot courtesy of Lomograpika Design Studio to covering Rakrakan Festival 2018: Pinoy Muna courtesy of Pinoy Secret Files.

Anyway, it's not a secret that I am a huge fan of Reese Lansangan. I came across her promotional contest for a concert hosted by Globe and Bonifacio High Street. 

I joined out of pure support to Reese, without any hopes of winning. 

Days passed by like usual until one bright Saturday of February. I woke up late that day since we had a prenup shoot the day before and I was effin tired, and look what I discovered (I actually found out a day late, LOL)

Who would have thought I will actually win? Luck or Fate? I think it's the latter. 

I told Le Husband about the wonderful news and without second thoughts, he agreed to attend. I really appreciate Le Husband that day because I know he was still tired from our previous photoshoot, but still, he supported her Reese Lansangan fan-girling wife. 

Before the show starts, Le Husband and I had a chance to meet and greet Reese. I brought some goodies from South Korea as a pasalubong/gift and even brought the picture of her taken by John Marcelo which I won ages ago from one of her gig, Soldiers of Love.

It was nice of her to accept my gift and even complimented my OOTD. She was also kind enough to sign the picture I brought and even gave some video messages for my fan-girling friends (shout out to my fellow winner Adrienne who could't make it and to my son's friend, Calista Caibal, who loves Reese as well).

After a tiring month, I believe Le Husband and I deserved this break from work. This time, we are not in front of the stage taking snaps of our favorite artist. It's time for us to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Also, as much as I want to take photos, professional camera is not allowed and I also wanted to just enjoy the moment.

I would like to thank Globe for making this possible and also to the artists who performed along side Reese Lansangan. Le Husband and I really had a memorable late Valentine's date.

PS. I am now a legit and official member of Reese Kids AKA Batang Lansangan (Reese Lansangan's fans club), so Hurrah!

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