As of Late: May 2018

6:03:00 AM

Big news, Le Husband and I are now eating healthy! Yes, we are finally vegetarians and hopefully vegans soon. We drastically changed to being vegetarian and it is actually not that hard. I will blog our vegetarian journey in the near future and let's focus on what has transpired this month. We reviewed Prim's Coffee and Patisserie, the newest coffee shop in Rosario, Batangas and attended Dauntless Manila's 1st year anniversary gig on behalf of Pinoy Secret Files. Here's my entry for this month.

MAKING: proposals for Pinoy Secret Files prospective partners

DRINKING: Taiwan Black Tea

READING: contracts

WANTING: to sleep

LOOKING: for a new cabinet online

PLAYING: Black Pink's songs

WASTING: time and moolah

WISHING: for more sleep


WAITING: for my Lazada orders

LIKING: Black Pink's songs

WONDERING: if Black Pink will have a concert in MNL

LOVING: Black Pink

HOPING: Black Pink will have a concert in MNL

MARVELLING: Lisa of Black Pink

NEEDING: more sleep

SMELLING: my tea


NOTICING: my hair

KNOWING: I need to have a haircut

THINKING: I should get a haircut

COVETING: more Starbucks tumblers and cards

OPENING: emails


FEELING: annoyed

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