As of Late: September 2018

6:17:00 AM

It's Mama and Le Husband's birth month so hello endless buffet HAHAHA. No big event this month so here's my September entry.

MAKING: Unico Hijo's reviewer


READING: Unico Hijo's books

WANTING: more time

LOOKING: for more references

PLAYING: music

WASTING: moolah

WISHING: for more time and moolah HAHAHA

ENJOYING: my time with Unico Hijo

WAITING: for Unico Hijo to wake up

LIKING: Cheetos HAHAHA since I'm more of a Lays kind of gal

WONDERING: when will Mama and Shobe be back

LOVING: our new comforter

HOPING: for more time

MARVELLING: if we will buy a new AC

NEEDING: moolah



NOTICING: my dark undereye

KNOWING: I need to buy more makeup HAHAHA

THINKING: of buying more makeup

COVETING: more Starbucks merch HAHAHA

OPENING: emails

WATCHING: Unico Hijo sleeping

FEELING: sleepy

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