As of Late: November 2018

6:19:00 AM

November is one CRAZY month for me and my family. Surprise short visit of Mama for Papa's birthday, numerous bookings for Lomograpika Design Studio and a shocking change with my corporate profession.

I can't wait to start December with a positive note and end the year with a bang! 

Anyway, nothing much happened but we were able to attend Red Ninja Year Ender 2018 Pre-Party at 20:20. So here's my entry for this month:

MAKING: an update resume


READING: job descriptions

WANTING: for a new corporate fam

LOOKING: for a new job opportunity

PLAYING: Islands by Reese Lansangan on repeat

WASTING: energy

WISHING: I will have a new job before the New Year

ENJOYING: my free time

WAITING: for few more job offers

LIKING: that I already have a new job offer

WONDERING: if I should accept the job offer

LOVING: that I have more options

HOPING: for more quality time with Le Familia

MARVELLING: what happened

NEEDING: more sleep


WEARING: my Navy Blue Zara sleeveless top and skimpy shorts

NOTICING: I need more sleep

KNOWING: I need to know my worth as a professional and do not settle for less

THINKING: of working from home full time

COVETING: more Starbucks Cards

OPENING: emails

WATCHING: Islands MV by Reese Lansangan 

FEELING: lonely

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