As of Late: December 2018

6:20:00 AM

Wrapping up the year with another misfortune. Someone in the family had an accident but thank God, he was able to recover before the holidays. I am really hoping for a better year for me and my family this coming 2019. Enough of sad stories, here's my final entry for 2018.

MAKING: Taiwan itinerary

DRINKING: Starbucks Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate 

READING: emails

WANTING: for more time

LOOKING: for Taiwan travel vlogs

PLAYING: Starving by Hailee Steinfeld on repeat

WASTING: money on Starbucks drinks for the love of my planner collection

WISHING: I have more blessing

ENJOYING: idle time

WAITING: for some good news

LIKING: the bed weather

WONDERING: if there will be some positive news before the year ends

LOVING: my family, we're incomplete this holiday but at least there's video call. LOL

HOPING: for a better 2019

MARVELLING: God's plans for me

NEEDING: more time

SMELLING: the foods my in-law and I prepared for Media Noche


NOTICING: I need a haircut

KNOWING: I need to invest

THINKING: of applying for my driver's license before my birthday or maybe after

COVETING: more Starbucks merch

OPENING: emails

WATCHING: Clean with Passion for now

FEELING: tired

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