Audiophile: Elements: UP Fair Wednesday 2019

2:47:00 PM

On behalf of Pinoy Secret Files, Le husband and I went to UP Fair Elements 2019 to cover the event.

In case you don't know, UP Fair is a week-long event that features evening music concerts, booths, and amusement park rides. Organized by the UP Diliman University Student Council, this year's theme is Rak N Rally and was held at Sunken Garden.

This is our 2nd year as UP Fair's media partner and we really love attending UP Fair. Aside from various bands/artists, there are ample food, merchandise and games to choose from.

The highlight for me that night was when our friends from Tanya Markova played. They never fail to brighten up everyone's mood.

More photos to be posted soon, here's our shameless selfie.

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