As of Late: March 2019

5:21:00 PM

I am still in awe that Le Unico Hijo has now graduated from 6th grade. Having a child at an early age (I was still a teen then) wasn't a walk in the park but looking back, I realized it has lots of pros than cons. Le husband and I are praying for baby #2 this year but honestly, we are still busy preparing for our son's transfer from Batangas to Cavite. Finally, Le Unico Hijo will move in with us as he enters 7th grade. Too much information, here's my entry this March.

MAKING: Taiwan itinerary (still)


READING: The Hunger Games

WANTING: more moolah

LOOKING: for more moolah

PLAYING: IU's songs

WASTING: time 

WISHING: for more time HAHAHA

ENJOYING: time with Mama

WAITING: for Le Unico Hijo to finish reading his books

LIKING: the weather in Lipa

WONDERING: if I should dye my hair before our Taiwan trip

LOVING: the cleanliness of our new house

HOPING: our house is always clean

MARVELLING: how clean our new house is

NEEDING: more moolah since I spent a fortune in Big Bad Wold and National Bookstore Grand Sale

SMELLING: our new bed sheets


NOTICING: I need to exercise 

KNOWING: I should start to exercise

THINKING: I should exercise

COVETING: new kettle ball

OPENING: Le Husband's SMS

WATCHING: Le Unico Hijo read his books

FEELING: broke

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