As of Late: July 2019

12:33:00 PM

July is book hoarding month as Fully Booked BGC had another BOOK SALE recently. I'll be sharing some of the books I purchased for Le Potter Head son in another post.

We at Lomograpika Design Studio is blessed this month for we covered a lot of family events in the metro. (More backlogs, more fun teehee).

So here's my entry this month.

MAKING: finalizing our itinerary for Jakarta

DRINKING: Pan De Manila's Melon Milk Drink (yum)

READING: A Dark Inheritance by Chris D'Lacey

WANTING: more collectibles for Le Potter Head son

LOOKING: for some information about something really big happening soon

PLAYING: Linya-Linya show


WISHING: for more time


WAITING: for more positive news

LIKING: my new linya-linya shirt

WONDERING: if we will hear more good news soon

LOVING: my remaining days in our condo lol

HOPING: for more good news

MARVELLING: if I can adjust fast commuting from Cavite to BGC

NEEDING: more moolah

SMELLING: sinigang

WEARING: my pink PJs

NOTICING: I need to take a shower

KNOWING: I need to eat as well

THINKING: of blogging my recent trips

COVETING: more books for Le Potter head son

OPENING: emails

WATCHING: Running Man clips


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