As of Late: November 2016

I’m so excited! Finally, DFA customer service was able to help me out with my son’s passport appointment plus, my partner and I’s Cambodia-Thailand trip is coming soon. YAY!MAKING: calendar appointments with Google managers and my candidatesDRINKING: waterREADING: Manix Komix V5WANTING: for more STARBUCKS...Learn More

Fictional Friends:Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

Finally, my partner and I were able to watch the award winning Indie film by Nestor Abrogena since we missed it last year. It was just the day itself that I found out that the movie’s english title is “The story of us that never was” so behold, this is not your usual love story with happy ending.  Here is a...Learn More

Two Cents:No More “itsjudyslife” Daily Vlogs

Yes you read it right, recently, Benji and Judy Travis announced that they will still vlog but not everyday like they used to but instead, they will replace the no-vlog day with a live feed on Facebook/YouTube. I have been following Judy and her family for less than a year now and it has been part of my daily routine to check their...Learn More

Cravings and Foodgasm:Golden Salted Egg Crisps by The Cake Box Dessert Cafe

EUREKA! I have found my new favorite chip to nibble. Introducing Golden Salted Egg Crisps by The Cake Box Dessert Cafe. This snack is pretty addicting to be honest. It’s home made and fried with salted duck egg, potato crisps and curry leaves.  I literally can’t get enough of these treats, I finished a tub in one...Learn More