Cravings and Foodgasm:Recovery Food

Eating is one of the many ways to de-stress. April 9, 2014, Wednesday, it was The Day of Valor, holiday. My office mates and I decided to have a sumptuous breakfast after a stressful day at work. My foodie office mate, Marie, suggested we try Recovery Food at BGC.  On our way to BGC, I was having second thoughts since it was a...Learn More

Featured:Juyable Online Shop

On a tight budget but still want to look classy?Here is the perfect on-line shop for you! Juyable is your pocket friendly, one stop online shop for your everyday fashion essential. The company was created by an online shop-aholic who saw the emerging need of a budget-friendly online source of modern day Filipinos’ various fashion...Learn More

Two Cents:Everyday Battle of “Procrastiworking”

If you found yourself reading this post, congratulations! You’re one heck of a “procrastiworker”. I value your time and fast internet connection so just a quick introduction about myself. My name is Joy Marie, but please call me Juya. I am a technical recruiter by night and 24/7 Momtrepreneur (Working Mom slash Business...Learn More

Audiophile:Nyoy Volante at a Fund Raising Event

Even I already left my previous company, I often join and participate in their company events since my partner is still employed there and he’s also a member of the Employee Relations Committee. November 2013, they had a fund raising concert held at Carlos P. Romulo Theater in RCBC Plaza featuring Nyoy...Learn More