As of Late: December 2019

Le Husband and I spent our Christmas this year with our respective families, we spent the New Year together tho. Last month of 2019 and we shall unveil a new year. It has been a blast and we would like to thank everyone who has been a huge part of Lomograpika Design Studio and Pinoy Secret Files‘ success. We’re ready for you...Learn More

As of Late: November 2019

It’s the time of the year and for those who collect Starbucks stickers for planners, you can definitely relate with me. I have been collecting and using Starbucks planners since 2012. Le Husband has been very supportive ever since for it’s a win-win situation for the both of us, he enjoys the coffee, I satisfy my Starbucks...Learn More

Professional Cleaning Service Review: Misis Linis

Le sister-in-law’s homecoming this year was her big surprise for us thus we had lots of catching up with her and less time with household chores. Le sister-in-law is a very-organized person who also loves cleaning, thus we decided to do a general-cleaning of their Cavite abode. It’s already Ber months and everyone is very...Learn More

As of Late: October 2019

October is a very special month for Le Family. Le Sister-in-Law had a surprise homecoming act (which Le Husband and I missed since we weren’t at home) plus it’s Le Potter Head son’s birthday month. Oh boy, he’s already 12 years old. Time flies so fast indeed. Since Le Sister-in-Law is in the Philippines for...Learn More

As of Late: September 2019

September is Mama and Le Husband’s birthday month and we opted to celebrate intimately this year with our small family. This month, Lomograpika Design Studio has been very busy (not that I’m complaining). Here’s my entry for this month: MAKING: a checklist of something top secretDRINKING: H2OREADING: emailsWANTING:...Learn More

As of Late: August 2019

Le Husband and I are celebrating 2 years of marriage this month. We spent a week in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Check out our itinerary and snaps) Thank God August wasn’t a “ghost” month for Lomograpika Design Studio. We still have a lot of events booked and we are beyond grateful. Here’s my entry for this month:...Learn More

Joy Meets World: Jakarta, Indonesia

When traveling, most of us tend to jam pack our itinerary as we want to go places given the limited time. We changed course since our first out of the country circa 2015 and instead, we stay longer in a country and have little to no itinerary. Some may think it’s a waste of time and money but Le husband and I realized that it was more...Learn More

As of Late: July 2019

July is book hoarding month as Fully Booked BGC had another BOOK SALE recently. I’ll be sharing some of the books I purchased for Le Potter Head son in another post. We at Lomograpika Design Studio is blessed this month for we covered a lot of family events in the metro. (More backlogs, more fun teehee). So here’s my entry...Learn More

As of Late: June 2019

June is such a busy month for Lomograpika. Birthday parties everywhere (not complaining tho). Here’s my entry for the month.MAKING: itinerary for JakartaDRINKING: CokeREADING: Peter PanWANTING: more books for Le Potter Head sonLOOKING: for more book fairPLAYING: noneWASTING: moolahWISHING: for more moolahENJOYING: bed...Learn More

As of Late: May 2019

This year, Le Husband and I are celebrating 6 years of being together. YAY! Nothing fancy as usual. We decided to just dine and relax for a day. Not much exciting stuff going on this month so here you go: MAKING: articles for Pinoy Secret Files DRINKING: H2O READING: Emails WANTING: more “me” time LOL LOOKING: for...Learn More