Twitterpated: Christmas 2020 Family Photos

This pandemic won’t stop our family from taking our annual family photo. Here’s a sneak peek of our photos this year. Photographer: Jade Librada Studio: Cuddle Bunny HMUA: Maria Mendoza Learn More

As of Late: September 2020

September is Le Husband and Mother Earth’s birthday month and it was supposed to be a special month but then, I was laid off due to the pandemic. Despite the stress it caused me, I kept myself motivated and inspired to move forward. Thank God we have Lomograpika Design Studio and we covered our first event whilst the pandemic....Learn More

As of Late: August 2020

Le Husband and I celebrated our 3rd year Wedding Anniversary this month. Since it’s pandemic, we have no choice but to celebrate at home; however, we had a quick stroll in one of my favorite local grocery and bought 2 large pizzas. Hopefully next year we’re already free from the shackles of Covid19 so we can finally be...Learn More

As of Late: July 2020

July for me is support local business month. This month, Le Familia and I supported our small business owners with their respective products (I will link the products and Facebook page below). Speaking of family, Le Potter Head son is back! We were able to fetch him just in time before his online class. Here’s my entry for the...Learn More

As of Late: June 2020

Father’s day month. Celebrated father’s day at home, this time, we ordered food ahead of time, YAY! Food coma as we ordered foods from Nathaniel’s, Dunkin Donuts, and finally, my favorite Mango QQ from Chatime. My husband compensated for the lack of delivery food last mother’s day, LOL. Here’s my entry...Learn More

As of Late: May 2020

Mother’s day month. Nothing special this year since we are under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) plus the fact that Le Potter Head son is in Batangas. Mother’s day passed by just an ordinary day. We weren’t able to secure a food delivery and it’s sad. Good thing Le Father-in-law cooked for us. Anyway,...Learn More

As of Late: April 2020

It’s been a month since Le Potter Head son has been with Le Parentals in Batangas and I miss him so much. He’s keeping himself busy by studying the Japanese language online conducted by my previous schoolmate in primary school. The lockdown period is extended indefinitely and it sucks. Le Husband and I are making ourselves...Learn More

Fictional Friends: Itaewon Class

I am not a fan of Park Seo-joon. The first PSJ K-Drama I’ve watched was “She Was Pretty” and I didn’t like him since then. I have watched a couple of his K-Dramas in the past but this one is different compared to his old characters. The drama itself is very different from the usual K-Dramas. Based on the webtoon...Learn More

As of Late: March 2020

March is a crazy month. The country is now on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Good thing we were able to send Le Potter head son to my parentals before the lockdown. Le Husband and I opted to stay in the Metro and worked from home. MAKING: report DRINKING: coke READING: report WANTING: more time LOOKING: for a...Learn More

As of Late: February 2020

It’s LOVE month once again. This year is Le Husband and I’s 7th Valentine’s together. No fancy dinner date, chocolates nor flowers. The funny thing is we had the same gift for each other. Before the month ends, I already passed my *secret* exam after reviewing for only a couple of weeks. Yay! Here’s my entry for this...Learn More