Joy Meets World: Taipei, Taiwan

  Here are our some random snaps of Le Husband during our Taiwan trip with Le...Learn More

As of Late: April 2019

April was a very productive month for me and the fam. We had a 9 day summer break and went to Taiwan to celebrate Le Unico Hijo’s graduation and to spend time with Mama before she goes back to Milan. After our fam trip, Potter Head son took 2 entrance exams and both passed. Of course, he chose his Dad’s alma matter and...Learn More

As of Late: March 2019

  I am still in awe that Le Potter Head son has now graduated from 6th grade. Having a child at an early age (I was still a teen then) wasn’t a walk in the park but looking back, I realized it has lots of pros than cons. Le husband and I are praying for baby #2 this year but honestly, we are still busy preparing for our son’s...Learn More

As of Late: February 2019

February has been quite hectic for Le Husband and I. We were both busy with clients and our Potter Head son who’s preparing for finals. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend Rakrakan 2019 on behalf of Pinoy Secret Files since Le Unico Hijo comes first. Here’s my entry for this month:   MAKING: Taiwan itinerary   DRINKING:...Learn More

Audiophile: Elements: UP Fair Wednesday 2019

On behalf of Pinoy Secret Files, Le husband and I went to UP Fair Elements 2019 to cover the event. In case you don’t know, UP Fair is a week-long event that features evening music concerts, booths, and amusement park rides. Organized by the UP Diliman University Student Council, this year’s theme is Rak N Rally and was held...Learn More

As of Late: January 2019

  Hello 2019, let’s forget the bitterness from 2018, shall we? New year, new work it is. I just started working as a Technical Program Consultant and finally after working almost 8 years of being a nocturnal employee, I am back to being diurnal. My first week of fight with time adjustment was bloody but I was able to mange it in no...Learn More

As of Late: December 2018

Wrapping up the year with another misfortune. Someone in the family had an accident but thank God, he was able to recover before the holidays. I am really hoping for a better year for me and my family this coming 2019. Enough of sad stories, here’s my final entry for 2018. MAKING: Taiwan itineraryDRINKING: Starbucks Iced Shaken...Learn More

As of Late: November 2018

November is one CRAZY month for me and my family. Surprise short visit of Mama for Papa’s birthday, numerous bookings for Lomograpika Design Studio and a shocking change with my corporate profession.I can’t wait to start December with a positive note and end the year with a bang! Anyway, nothing much happened but we were able...Learn More

Audiophile:Red Ninja Production’s Year Ender 2018 Pre-Party

This will be Pinoy Secret Files’ second year of celebrating Red Ninja Year Ender. For those unfamiliar, Red Ninja Production has been in the local music scene since 2009 which started out as live events production group then later expanded as a management for artists, since then, Red Ninja Production tirelessly...Learn More

As of Late: October 2018

It’s Unico Hijo’s birth month, one last buffet for this year, HURRAH! I’m glad he liked his new Harry Potter book, oh my Potterhead! Also, Lomograpika Design Studio got featured on Smart Parenting, YAY! Planning your first birthday party? Here is an idea on the cost of getting a professional photographer.Posted by Smart...Learn More